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Chemical Exfoliants:

The Neogen Lemon Peel is a fairly gentle exfoliant that can be used once to twice a week. Now when I say “fairly gentle”, it’s in comparison to other products and treatments that are generally considered to be peels. And peels can range from “gentle” to “pretty dang strong”- even peeling laters of skin off of your face or body. Peels can either be mild, moderate or “My Lord, please take that off my face”. The results also range from slight flaking and dryness to light layers of skin sloughing off to thicker layers peeling off with fresh, pink skin underneath (respectively).


You can have sensitive skin (which can be from birth) or sensitized skin (which can be from using the wrong products, being too aggressive with scrubs or chemicals, or getting too much sun, etc…) If you have sensitive skin, your skin will respond differently to a vast number of different skincare products, including a “gentle peel”. So this product is best suited for skin that is resilient and non-sensitive. Probably not even slightly sensitive skin. Over time, what your skin tolerates pretty well initially, might end up being irritating (and thus sensitizing the skin).

This product has glycerin and sodium hyaluronate which is a humectant, and it’s hydrating for the skin but it also has alcohol which can drying to the skin. Sometimes companies use alcohol as a method to enhance penetration so that could be the reason alcohol is in this product. We also often use alcohol to prep the skin for a skin peel service, so this could just be combining the two steps.

This product also has citrus extracts. Citrus extracts can make your skin more photosensitive so you want to make sure you’re using sunscreen when use products with citrus extracts or oils. Also, anytime you’re using Vitamin A products or other types of acids, it’s recommended to use sunscreen as well, but truly, you should really use sunscreen no matter what other products you’re using on your skin. This product also has papaya fruit extract which is an exfoliant as well as glycolic (good for stimulation, exfoliation and penetrates more deeply into the skin that other acids due to its small molecular structure) and lactic acid (which is hydrating and brightening). The glycolic and lactic acid fall at the bottom of the ingredient deck which means that the concentration is pretty low hence the gentleness for normal to resilient skin types.

Is this product right for you? It may be. It’s a great maintenance product for home use for the right skin types and conditions. Give me a holler at if you want more info or want to chat about your skin!

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