Massage Cupping

Massage Cupping At Bloom

Massage Cupping is an excellent addition to any massage service.  It loosens and oxygenates the tissues in a way nothing else can.  Cupping is best added to your massage sessions in increments so the body can adjust to the reverse pressure.

Massage cupping uses flowing movements, whereas stationary cupping is a method that leaves the cups in place for several minutes (or longer).  Stationary cupping is the most well-known form of cupping, as it can leave recognizable circular marks on the skin as seen here in this picture of Olympian Michael Phelps.


Both forms of cupping are said to help the body with detoxification and the reason for this is that it moves fluids in the body quite well due to the way the suction is able to affect the fluid in the tissues.  It’s also excellent for manipulating the fascia to create better range of motion and reduce restriction around the muscles and structural tissues in the body.

Ask for a sample of massage cupping in your next massage or body treatment and see what you think of this time-tested wellness modality.

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